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How to Care for Epipremnum "Devil's Ivy"

How to Care for Epipremnum "Devil's Ivy"

On a little island, part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, grows a humble little plant which has risen to become one of the most recognized and cultivated plants the world over. Here on the island of Mo’orea, the native population of Epipremnum aureum grows - more often known as Devil’s Ivy or Pothos vine, and a mainstay of indoor plant growing in both tropical and temperate regions for many years.

How to Care for Rhipsalis - Rhipsalis Care Guide

This month's plant for subscribers is a fantastic species of Rhipsalis, tropical cacti which thrive both indoors and outdoors as well as being super easy to grow, with little maintenance required. Rhipsalis are fantastic plants to keep for their fast, sprawling growth and low water requirement - they're a must-have for any plant collector.


How to Care for Monstera deliciosa

Hi there! This month's chosen plant is a Monstera Deliciosa, and has been paired with a beautiful hand painted pot by @potsbysammy.  Once you have received your package and unpacked your plant, there are some things you need to know to help keep your plant healthy!

How to Care For Your Plants While On Holiday

If you’re like me, then you’re probably going away over the holidays. A week or two may not seem like a long time when you’re relaxing on a beach in some tropical paradise, but when you’ve got plants at home that rely on you, two weeks can be a lifetime for them. It can get a bit tricky and even frustrating trying to keep them alive. So here’s a couple of tricks to help keep your plants happy so you can enjoy your time away worry-free. 

Peperomia Care Guide

Peperomia Care Guide

Hi folks! I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their time at home during this time. Liven up your home by bringing a few plants indoors. This will brighten up your space and keep you busy and close to nature. 

This month's plant is the Red Edge Peperomia. The succulent-like, shiny green leaves really set it apart from other indoor plants. If you’re a fan of succulents, this has a similar look but performs better indoors. The flowers are quite unusual too. They appear as long white narrow spikes and give the peperomia a unique look. All...