Hello! I’m Rhiannon and I live in Brisbane with my love, Dave, and our puppy Frankie. Frankie does most of the hard yards at Botanic Box, but both Dave and I help to get your order out each month. I came up with the idea of a plant subscription service after looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, that wasn’t a cheeseboard or a set of wine glasses. Plants bring me happiness, a sense of fulfilment and nurturing, and are just really good to look at! Add to that a local maker or grower, who creates an artwork with the intention of bringing you joy each day. Why wouldn’t you want to gift that to someone, or just treat yourself, once per month to this joy? BINGO – Botanic Box was created!

For as long as I can remember, one of my favourite places to be has been in the garden, pottering and checking how my plant babies are growing. I come from a long line of gardening and hosing enthusiasts, not always successful in our pursuits, but forever loving, trialling and creating. I hope you too will love your plant babies and that you can take joy in the collection that our talented makers and growers create. The best part? Taking the time to appreciate and admire your growing collection of botanic beauties! Welcome to our plant tribe!

QUESTIONS? Feel free to shoot us an email at subscriptions@botanicbox.com.au