We collaborate with local small businesses (makers, artists, and growers) to bring you a variety of pots and plants, delivered directly to your door, monthly. Each month, we will profile the local artist that collaborated with us to make your monthly plant treat and, if you're lucky, we'll include a special offer for subscribers!



Starting off the new year with a bang, our first collaborator is the amazingly talented Jacq Cronin. Jacq first came to our attention with her colourful wall art, which is still very much on our wishlist (oops, we've now purchased it).  We now have four pieces of Jacq’s on our walls, so it’s not a surprise that we were over the moon when she wanted to collaborate!

January Botanic Box

Dreaming, drawing, painting and creating has been Jacq’s life from her earliest childhood memory. She loves to take something raw and breathe life into it, with her real-world creative achievements have led her through 16 years in the creative industry.

Jacq Cronin


Jacq is a mother of 2 little munchkins and one teen stepson. They are a creative and musical family living in Brisbane Queensland. In 2018, Jacq took the step to take her art 'serious', “I realised I was having too much fun taking things serious cause I absolutely love what I do and I'm so thankful for my fantastic customers who appreciate and love my art so much they would hang it in their personal spaces. It's such a gift!”

Check out Jacq on her website, Facebook and Instagram!

We love you Jacq!


December is always a special month, where you can reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead. It’s always one of our favourite months because who doesn’t love ham or champers or chocolate or pavlova (or all of them). We wanted to make this month special for our subscribers too – which is why we are collaborating with one of the most amazingly talented people that we have had the pleasure to work with - Plant Presents, which was founded by Claudia Kruppel.

Plant Presents Botanic Box Collaborators

Claudia makes the most amazing terrariums and succulent centrepieces and this year has been studying Floristry at TAFE. In her first year, Claudia has won Bronze at the Ekka's Bridal Showcase 2018 in Brisbane, provided customised centrepieces for an event by Cricket Queensland at Government House in Brisbane, and has been mentioned in Bridal Magazines. On top of this, Claudia regularly holds sold-out workshops (check her website for dates).

Plant Presents Collaborator Botanic Box

Claudia’s love for all things green came to life when she worked in an office and lived on the forty-second floor of a high rise building with nothing green in sight. She started making small terrariums for her home and one for the office. They were such a hit with her colleagues that she quickly created more and more. When Brisbane’s Style Magazines mentioned them in their publication as one of the 10 best places for terrariums. her business took off. The product range expanded from terrariums to centrepieces, succulent planters, and even succulent jewellery, which has become an amazing fashion trend.

Plant Present’s mission is “to bring a bit of green into your home, take your imagination on a little journey, make your special day extra amazing and make the world a bit happier”. And who can’t get on board with that!

Make sure you check out Plant Presents on:

InstagramFacebook and Online


This month we have the honour of collaborating with two-winged fruit, palm oil free (POI approved), 100% natural, cruelty-free, ethical skincare made in Australia. Two-winged fruit was established by a scientist with a passion for the environment and is a result of founder Maretta’s struggle to find palm oil-free skin care products.

Two Winged Fruit
Maretta was alarmed to learn that the worldwide demand for palm oil, which is used to make over 200 ingredients found in everyday products, is a leading cause of rainforest destruction. She was dismayed to find that even products with labels such as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ contained ingredients derived from palm oil. Initially perplexed, Maretta, who has a PhD in organic chemistry, became empowered to develop her own palm oil-free skin care recipes in her home kitchen on the Gold Coast that were both environmentally sustainable and lovely to use for herself and her family.

Two Winged Fruit November Botanic Box
Two-winged fruit is the translation, from Greek, of the name of a large family of rainforest trees, called dipterocarpaceae (di = two, pteron = wing and karpos = fruit). These trees make up much of the native rainforest in places like Borneo and Sumatra. Sadly, millions of hectares of virgin rainforest have been opened up for palm oil plantations. This is having a devastating effect on biodiversity, destroying the homes of orangutans and many other rainforest animals and plants. If that wasn’t bad enough, the clearing of rainforests is also causing soil erosion, terrible air pollution and contributing to climate change. Two-winged fruit supports non-profit organisations in rainforest conservation, with 5% online sales donated to Orangutan Foundation International Australia and 1% profits donated to Rainforest Rescue.

November Botanic Box Delivery to Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast
Maretta is driven by a vision which I hope resonates with our subscribers:
I want to tread gently on the Earth in every aspect of my life, right down to the details of the products that I use every day. I want to know that when I care for my skin I am using products in which every ingredient has been chosen with respect to its impact on the environment. I want to play my part in ensuring that our planet is a beautiful, harmonious place to live for future generations. I want to be reassured that I am not supporting burning of forests to grow palm oil plantations. I want to support ethical, local enterprises. I want to stand for good in the world.

Our subscribers for November will receive a body wash and hand wash with their Botanic Box this month! These products are 100% natural, with essential oils for scents, clays for colour and natural preservatives and feature certified organic ingredients



lazer unicorn

Alex from Lazer Unicorn is pretty talented. She’s a graphic designer, maker, marketer and events organiser. She also works on the team at Vector Etch, where her love of laser cutting design and jewellery making has developed. Alex loves collaborating and she’s definitely a supporter of local businesses! She loves finding and making cool stuff to add a sparkle to your life and make each day just a little bit brighter. 

Alex Lazer Unicorn

This month we have had the pleasure to have worked with Alex on creating some limited edition Lazer Unicorn key rings! Through her travels hosting earring making workshops, she's found some beautiful plants and succulents to sketch and turn into laser cut wearable art. Yay! Check out Lazer Unicorn below:



This month we have the absolute delight to collaborate with Kojo Kokedamas!

Botanic Box Kojo Kokedama Fiddle Leaf Fig

You will find Kojo Kokedamas at your local Brisbane markets, as well as online at:

Don't know what Kokedamas are? Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai, where a plant's root system is simply wrapped in sphagnum moss and bound with string, transforming it into a sculptural art form. Loosely translated, ‘koke’ means moss and ‘dama’ means ball. The original Japanese form of kokedama had miniature sculptured bonsai trees displayed on handmade pottery or pieces of driftwood. Our Botanic Box for September will include a hanging kokedama with a fiddle leaf fig. For subscribers, Kojo Kokedamas is offering a 5% discount throughout September so head to one of their pages and check them out!


For the month of August, we are so pleased to collaborate with the lovely Angela, of studio Nikulinsky. studio Nikulinsky creates beautiful art cards, notebooks & fine art prints with the work of well known botanical and wildlife artist Philippa Nikulinsky, AM and this month's Botanic Box will draw inspiration from this art! 

studio N cards


studio N

Philippa’s career focuses on a lifetime fascination with the flora and fauna of the arid lands of Western Australia. For nearly 50 years Philippa has traveled throughout this enormous state to record, draw and paint its phenomenal natural history. She has shared her gift for watercolour painting through her teaching, exhibitions, commissioned works and publications. Her daughter in law, Angela Nikulinsky, created studio Nikulinsky after the birth of her first child in 2016. After working in a string of less than fulfilling jobs, Angela wanted to find a way to stay at home with her daughter and also earn a living. With Philippa’s blessing, she designs the beautiful products for sale online and in retail outlets around Australia. All the products are proudly printed in Western Australia. You can find studio N at the below:

studio N

As a gift to our Botanic Box Subscribers, studio Nikulinsky is offering a 15% off total order (no minimum order required), valid until 30 September 2018. Just use the code botanicbox. You're welcome! 

JULY 2018


For our launch month, we have collaborated with Melbourne artist Ashley Madden.  Ashley owns Lush Succulents, an online store selling pots, planters and succulents. When I approached Ashley to collaborate with Botanic Box, she was super enthusiastic and helpful and I knew I had chosen the right brand to work with!

Lush Succulents believe that when showcasing your succulents or putting plants on display, you shouldn’t settle for drab and dreary. They provide a huge assortment of unique pots – all of which have been meticulously crafted – that can be tailored for both indoor and outdoor use.  Lush Succulents’ passion is in offering gorgeous pots that are as vibrant as the plants they hold and are as unique as your personality! If you’re tired of traditional terracotta and want something individual, you can find Lush Succulents on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook at the links below:

As a gift to our Botanic Box Subscribers, Lush Succulents is offering a 15% off voucher for the month of September on their Etsy store – head over and give them some love! Coupon code is BOTANICBONUS