How does this work? Do I get to keep the plants? Or do I return them at the end of the subscription?

All yours, baby. Like a magazine subscription, you get a new product every month and you get to keep your Botanic Box plant and planter. You don't need to return them, you get to build your own urban jungle!

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are hand delivering the plants to ensure they get to you safe and sound. This may change in the future but at the moment, we'd prefer to make sure they get to you safely.

My plant is dying. What do I do?

Well, that sucks! Check your care card, are you following the instructions on the card? Sometimes we overwater, sometimes we underwater. Shoot us an email for advice at subscriptions@botanicbox.com.au and we'll see what we can do.

When will I get my delivery?

We deliver montlhly, around 15th of the month. If you are in an apartment building, please leave instructions on how best to deliver when making your order. Otherwise, we will contact you to make plans on when to deliver to you.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure! We would hate to see you go but we totally understand things change. Payment will process from your nominated account two weeks before your scheduled delivery so make sure you cancel before that time or you will still receive the next Botanic Box for the month. 

Any other questions? Totally. Shoot us an email subscriptions@botanicbox.com.au